Eight Tiny Posts


It's just that kind of day.

It turns out that if you make a loose goal then take the next step over and over and over and over again, you get somewhere pretty interesting.

Work is fun.

The inimitable Marshawn Lynch:

The North Indian greasy spoon around the corner blasted Hindi love songs with two TVs while I ate my paneer korma and garlic naan. Delicious and totally apt — but, how many of our ideas of love and the good life come from people who have no interest at all in our well-being? To be continued in an upcoming long post.

My favorite Nietzsche quote, even among all his sneers at the English:

He who has a Why? in life can tolerate almost any How?

(from Maxims and Arrows)

Another quote by a retired NFL great:

You might be bigger than me. You might be faster than me. But you won’t outwork me.

Patrick Willis

It was only in 1978 that the 401(k) plan became an option. Now it's a cornerstone of financial planning in the United States. The world will keep changing. Don't be complacent.

Don't make fun of renowned Dan Brown. A cutting but self-aware satire that's as fun today as it was almost a decade ago. Threads on talent, self-awareness, and success. Related: Bhartrihari on Knowledge

I really want some more paneer korma.