My Firefox Extensions


uBlock Origin — The first thing I install on any new browser. A broad-spectrum ad blocker makes the web so much more pleasant, though I want to think through the ethics of it a little more. uBlock tells me I've blocked more than 1.4 million ads since install.

Vimium-FF — Vim motions in Firefox. Ported from the Vimium Chrome extension. Generally works well, no complaints. But I do notice that jumping to a mark with 'a doesn't work because ' is already a Firefox shortcut. But `a works, so it's not a big deal. Vimium supports per-site configs, so you can turn it off for Gmail or other sites that heavily depend on keyboard shortcuts.

Dark reader — Dark mode on every website. It's a solid and well-made extension with allow/blocklists and extensive color options.

Beyond these, I don't go crazy with it. I used to have LastPass in Chrome but now I tend to use the built-in Firefox password manager, which I should probably think through a little more.