Here are all of the things I'm interested in writing about.


I've written a lot about fundamentals already, but there's still more to explore:

  • fundamentals at different scales: life, knowledge work, software engineering
  • state-of-the-art summaries of: learning, habits, memory, sleep, energy, effort, attention and focus, and maybe positive psychology

Technical deep dives

As much as I love fundamentals, don't want to talk about fundamentals without showing that I can apply them. And for me, that would mean technical deep dives on:

  • Languages:
    • Python: bytecode, metaclasses, GIL. ABCs, mypy
    • Rust, Typescript
  • Libraries:
    • Python: Flask, Jinja, requests, py.test, numpy
    • JavaScript: React
  • Infrastructure:
    • General systems design
    • Backend: MapReduce, Spark
    • Storage: Parquet, BigTable, Protobuf, Thrift
    • Realtime: Redis, Memcached, Kafka
    • Web: Serverless, webassembly, containers?
  • Math:
    • Calculus review and statistics
  • Systems:
    • TCP/IP
    • Authentication
    • Caching
  • Companies:
    • Amazon, Cloudflare, Netflix, Stripe, Substack
  • Industries:
    • Shipping, payments, information, climate

Engineering as a whole

  • Classic books on engineering and programming
  • Cookbook of language snippets
    • Python: IO, Flask, scripts
  • Quality of life tools
    • Vim: integrations, tools
    • Terminal management: Fish, Byobu?
    • Alternative Python REPLs
  • Career:
    • Networking and marketing
    • Career capital
    • Career planning and flexibility

Large topics

And there are some larger topics I want to hit on, when I feel equal to them:

  • Attention and attention economies
  • formal systems in Sanskrit
  • Tech and democracy

Random small things

  • OSX app install custom background