What I'm Reading



How to Skate a 10k (February 14) — Nils van der Poel's advice for skating at the highest level. Fundamentals, process, habits — all the good stuff. (post)

The Book of Tea (January 30) — The philosophy, aesthetics, and principles of tea, the tea ceremony, and high East Asian culture. Delicate and soothing. (post)

Finding the Winning Edge (January 26) — Reread. Bill Walsh's bible for football coaches. (post)

The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching (January 21) — By Thich Nhat Hanh. A nice corrective to the dour "life is suffering" view of Buddhism. Choice quote: Our consciousness is eating all the time, day and night, and what it consumes becomes the substance of our life.

Project Hail Mary (January 20) — A fun novel about science and engineering. (post)

Influence: Science and Practice (January 17) — Reread. Another classic. (post)

The Essential Chuang-Tzu (January 15) — Reread. As timeless, profound, and irreverent as it was millennia ago. See my related comment on HN and one of my favorite excerpts here.

Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go (January 9) — Reread. An inspiring gem for professionals in all fields, plus some useful go advice. (post)