Typing Without Typing


The best code is no code, and the best writing is writing that has a goal, even if that goal is to explore or to luxuriate in sound and simile. But in a mechanical sense, good writing is simply the writing you can actually do.

For maximizing your typing bandwidth, you can get a better keyboard or learn to lift your words per minute. But after you pluck the low hanging fruit, what's next?

Here are two things I find useful. One: I find that I spend a lot of time fixing little typos. So I make heavy use of Vim's abbreviations to fix typos as I make them:

:abbr teh the
:abbr ANd And

For specific domains, I can also define specific terms of art:

:abbr p-i-e Proto-Indo-European

Another I'm trying out is Raycast's snippets mode. For example, here's what I get when I type s_recruiter anywhere on my laptop:

Hi __

Thanks for reaching out. I joined a new company just a month ago and I'm very happy where I am now.