Zhuge Liang


Quotes from the great chancellor of the state of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China.

Advice to the emperor:

Your Majesty should welcome their views and opinions, promote the virtues of the Late Emperor, inspire those with lofty ambitions, and refrain from looking down on yourself or making inappropriate remarks that would discourage people from giving good advice.

On building a strong culture:

The Former Han dynasty prospered because the rulers favoured virtuous ministers and alienated petty and corrupt officials.

On someone having faith in you:

The Late Emperor did not look down on me because of my background. He lowered himself and visited me thrice in the thatched cottage, where he consulted me on the affairs of our time. I was so deeply touched that I promised to do my best for the Late Emperor.

On the burden of responsibility:

Ever since I received that heavy responsibility, I have been feeling uneasy day and night, because I fear that I may not accomplish the mission well and will tarnish the Late Emperor's judgment and faith in me.